Bah Humbug

Ahoy there, Rollers – some rotten news, I’m afraid.

Escape From Turkey Sandwiches will NOT now take place on Thursday 30th December.  Contact whoever you bought your tickets from to ensure you get a refund.

Sorry about that, you’ll just have to grin and bear it for another few weeks.  Those sandwiches will need to get eaten after all.  Or you could shovel the leftovers into a big roll… (see what I did there?)

You’ve all been so supportive  this year, I look forward to repaying you with an EVEN BETTER gig in January or whenever it’s declared safe to return. We shall “rise again” as soon as it’s allowed!!

Meanwhile keep on rolling. Best wishes for a happy Christmas and New Year from me and the Big Roll Band.

May be an image of 1 person, tree and snow

Alive and gigging!

…Aaaaand… we’re back!!

A great time was had by all at the Long John Baldry Weekender this weekend (see photographs below), and now it’s on to Newbury in Berkshire this weekend for Retrofestival.
London and Home Counties Rollers, get your diaries out for September too – we’re back at the Bulls Head in Barnes with the Alan Price Band on Thursday the 6th, and with the Big Roll Band on Thursday the 30th.
Let’s sweep away those Covid blues and get the Big Times rolling again.

Absent Friends

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ve all been missing these past few months – a taste of two stalwart Big Roll Band members when they were alive and rolling. Paul McCallum, a schoolfriend and my bass player for the last 20 years of his talented life, and Nick Newall – tenor player in all my Roll Band recordings,  longest time friend (from my twenties!) Also featuring Glenn Nightingale on guitar and Jeff Allen on drums. A great night captured by video recordist William John Baker. Enjoy their abilities…with affection.

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